Back East-Wind Martial Arts
Mr. Mark A. Rosenthal
2nd Black Belt of East-Wind:
Mr. Rosenthal is the personification of dedication and perseverance.  He traveled over 100 miles (round trip), sometimes 2 to 3 times a week, for several years in pursuit of his martial art development in Bok-Fu-Kenpo.  He was well on his way to be the second Black Belt at East-Wind when he suffered a severe back injury.-  After surgery and rehabilitation, and almost 6 years off, he started his training once again.  He achieved his East-Wind Bok-Fu Kenpo Black Belt on January 14th 2006; he achieved his 2nd. Degree Black Belt on August 25th, 2007.  Because of Mr. Toppins affiliation with Grand Master Al Tracy, Mr. Rosenthal is recognized on the Tracy family tree, the most influential and renowned Kenpo organization in the world.  He has represented East-Wind in the International Chinese Koushu Championship in San Francisco, and in Grand Master Richard Lee's Bok-Fu-Do Invitational; finishing 1st or 2nd in his category.  Mr. Toppins and East-Wind are very fortunate and proud to have such a distinguished and outstanding individual to be a part of the school.  Read More: